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Call Of Duty Mobile ‘COD’ Celebrates 1st Anniversary – The Biggest Update Ever

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Call Of Duty Mobile completed 1 year on October 15. On this Occasion, the Activision is celebrating by updating the game with a lot of new content and activities. For iOS and Android, the new update is out. This might be considered as the biggest update ever in the life of the game. The Activision has revealed in their blog post on their website that they are adding a lot of new activities and contents to celebrate the Anniversary Season. The big updates have a new Battle Royale map, NEW mythic weapons, a new Social space. As well as some new content which includes new maps, modes, and Battle Pass.

COD new Battle Royale map

This new Battle Royale map is the biggest update. This map is called Alcatraz. It is inspired by the Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode’s location. Although, the Alcatraz map is available only for a short period of time. This Alcatraz is smaller in comparison to the original battle royale map. This new map focuses more on close-quarters engagements. The players have to challenge themselves just within the San Francisco Bay prison. They could also earn new rewards also includes an epic calling card and rare weapon camos.


The Club

The new social space is also available in this new update. This is called The Club. This is a hangout place for the players. They can enjoy various mini-games such as darts or arcade games. The players can also pick one among four custom made soundtracks as they explore this social place. They can also watch some television at this place. Also, have Juggernog. They can also take a spin on the Anniversary Machine. This spin will help them to earn special rewards. They can also earn points on each spin which they can unlock new epic rewards in certain milestones.

Battle Pass Tiers

This update also gives 50 battle lass Tiers. This will enable the players to earn cosmetics and other extra things. These are free and premium contents. Players can buy this Battle Pass. This will help them to unlock all 50 tiers included in the Anniversary Battle Pass.

The gamers will surely love this update. As this brings so many opportunities for them in the game.


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