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Borderlands 3 – New Zane 4th Skill Tree is going to get updates, Abilities Revealed

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Borderlands 3 is going to start its second year of updating skills and abilities on November 10. Accordingly, New Moze partnered with New Zane 4th Skill Tree is going to get updates with new skills and abilities. Eventually, these Skill Trees revealed after the introduction of the new Arms Race mode. Here, we are going to provide all the highlighted skills.

New Moze 4th Skill Tree

Action abilities include Iron Cub Moze summons Iron Cub instead of Iron Bear, a miniature variant of her mech suit that follows her and accordingly attacks enemies. Although it’s not durable like the Iron Bear, Iron Cub is more mobile and has the capability to target enemies on their own. It uses dual-wielding which is one of the same weapon load-outs.

Borderlands 3 Important Skills

  • Whenever Moze or Iron Cub inflicts a Status that directly effect on an enemy, and thereby Iron Cub’s armor is restored. This is termed as “Fuel For The Fire”.
  • Whenever Iron Cub gets damaged or destroyed, it immediately triggers a nuclear explosion causing massive Radiation Damage. This skill is known as “Baby Nudes”.
  • Through “My Little Friend”, Iron Cub goes through the Incendiary Vladof Assault Rifle additional to Iron Cub’s other weapons.
  • Moze Gains increased Gun Damage by “Efficiency Engine” Skill. As long as Iron Cub remains active, greater will be the bonus.

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New Zane 4th Skill Tree

Action Abilities of New Zane 4th Skill Tree comprises of MNTIS Shoulder Cannon. A shoulder cannon is a skill that deals with concussive damage. It can be fired instantly targeting at his crosshairs and utilizes only one charge.

Important Skills

  • “Colder Shoulder” can convert Zane’s MNTIS Shoulder Cannon damage to cryo, but with reducing damage. Additionally, Zane gains an increased cryo freeze rate.
  • When Zane kills an enemy hitting by his shoulder cannon, two charges are quickly returned, this is termed as “Brain Drain”.
  • Killing an enemy with his shoulder cannon Zane When makes the enemy explodes into an elemental puddle, this skill is called “Wet Work”.
  • When the enemy is pulled to Zane and damage increased for a short time, then the skill “No Way Out” can be utilized to increase cooldown.
  • MNTIS Shoulder Cannon acquires additional charges for increased damage in accordance with the number of charges remaining with the help of “Proliferation”.

Abilities Revealed Borderlands 3

However, there are a lot of things that are still not revealed. Many updates for Borderlands 3 are still there to reveal later. Fans have to wait a little more for its actual gameplay. Till then, stay tuned with us.


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