Bojack Horseman Season 7 - Will Return Soon ? Release date, Plot what more we know

Bojack Horseman Season 7 – Will Return Soon ? Release date, Plot what more we know

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Netflix released Season 6 of Bojack Horseman on 31st January 2020 and termed it as the finale season. But, fans are still hopeful that the show will not go without a fight for one last season. Hope sprang after the final episode of the latest season aired. The 6th season of the American animated series had 16 episodes of 40 minutes each. And, it did open some doors for the 7th season.

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Contemplating how the end leads into another season

In the final two episodes of Season 6, dejected and heartbroken Bojack slips back to where he started. He goes back to wanting to end his life after the media exposes some moments from his past. Unconsciously, he turns up at his old house and tries to drown himself in the pool. That’s when he hallucinates about having dinner with his dead mother, old buddy Herb, and Secretariat. As they disappear one-by-one, Bojack thinks that he is dead too. However, it is later revealed that he is alive and put in jail for breaking and entering. Further, the whole of Hollywood decides to forgive and forget about his misdeeds, and somehow, his upcoming movie gets a lot of publicity as well. All the other characters are flourishing in their own independent lives.

Now, many fans theorized that at the end of the show, Bojack would probably wind up dead. Since that didn’t happen, many are of the opinion that the show will possibly return. Even though all of it is in the hands of Netflix and the show-runners, the fans have not stopped being hopeful. They strongly believe that there is more to the story and that they deserve one last farewell from their favorite characters.

Bojack Horseman Season 7 - Will Return Soon ? Release date, Plot what more we know

Bojack Horseman Plot

Bojack Horseman, a 90’s sitcom star living in Los Angeles, deals with controlling his malpractices for the sake of being a better person. The story revolves around this half-human-half-horse character and focuses on some serious social issues like Depression, Obsession, troublesome agents management, and roommates. Further, it also deals with strong topics like alcoholism, emotional instability, constant abuse, and Bojack’s struggles. Even though they are depicted with humor, the show’s content is highly relatable to everyone watching it. 

Why did Netflix cancel the show?

There has never been any solid reason why Netflix cancels a particular show. However, the reason was revealed in the case of Bojack Horseman. In an interview, Raphael Bob-Waksberg admitted that Netflix decided to cancel the show. It wasn’t his decision. Nevertheless, Netflix handled it better with him than it usually does with its other shows. Bob-Waksberg mentioned that he had asked Netflix to give him a heads-up before declaring a season to be the final one so that he could tie-up any loose ends in the show. Netflix kept its word. Even though the show doesn’t have any major cliffhangers, Bob-Waksberg might have gone along with a new season if he had the option. So will the show return for a new season? Only the future holds the answer!


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