Blue Ridge wildFires

Blue Ridge wild Fire in Yorba Linda – 6,600 acres more than 15000 people evacuated safely

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A fire driven by the wind was crawling massively in Yorba Linda Monday. However, more than 15,000 people have been evacuated in the area. Initially, at 4:30 p.m. yesterday, it spread around 1,100 acres and eventually increased up to 3,000 by 8:30 p.m., and by 11 p.m. it grew moreover 6,600 acres in Yorba Linda. All the updates until now mentioned below.

Blue Ridge wildFires

15000+ people evacuated safely

Altogether 4,688 homes having near about 15,330 people in the area,  mandatory evacuation order passed by Monday night. The Chino Valley Fire District tweeted that another 2,850 people were going through the evacuation warning. Initially, fire officials mentioned about 70,000 homes to be evacuated during the emergency but later the figures get revised. According to the tweet of Cal Fire, flames were reported by 1 p.m. in the eastern Yorba Linda, near Blue Ridge along with the Big Horn Mountain. Orange County Sherrif’s Department stated informed that all the residents of the 91 Freeway north with Gypsum Canyon east were asked to move out of their homes. Students, who were there for in-person instruction managed to bused to nearby Esperanza High School.

Afterward, fire officials declared that the Hidden Hills population of Yorba Linda was under evacuation. Although, many of the residents stayed and tried to protect their homes. As per the reports, many of the small animals taken to O.C. Animal Care at 1630 Victoria Road in Tustin.

Blue Ridge Fire up to 6,600 acres

The blaze of Blue Ridge Fire was burning and growing massively in Yorba Linda. Monday evening at 4:30 p.m., it was spread over the 1,100 acres of the area, and just in few hours, it catches the area up to 3,300 acres by 8:20 p.m. Eventually, it grew and fired over 6,600 acres in Yorba Linda. Subsequently, it was threatening the power lines in the area also. The Richard Nixon Foundation stated that they were trying to protect the most famous building in Yorba Linda which is the birthplace of President Nixon.

According to OCFA, evacuations were ordered by 11 p.m. for the entire Carbon Canyon right from the county line to Summit Ranch, including the west and east of Carbon Canyon Road. One video capturing the incident in the area showed that at least two homes sustained massive damage from the fire

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Officials managed evacuation

All the official authorities were working simultaneously for the emergency evacuation in Yorba Linda. Agencies grounded all air units struggling with the burning winds of the Silverado Fire. Officials ordered a DC-10 air tanker that was making water drops on the Blue Ridge Fire. Orange County firefighters were partnered by the Ventura County Fire Department, the L.A. city, and other county agencies. Working for the mandatory evacuation, crews were expected to work overnight Monday.


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