Bengalore Rain Floods, 3 days of heavy rain, 300 Houses drawned Down, IMD issues Yellow Alert

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The Banglore city of India is facing heavy and terrific rainfall for the past two weeks. Unfortunately, the city is still continued to witness heavy rains impacting many of the roads waterlogged. Eventually, after the continuous heavy rain in the city, the rainwater entered the residential area too. People are suffering from the loss of property and damage to furniture, vehicles, and other personal pieces of stuff. Accordingly, the Indian Meteorological Department issued a yellow alert for Bengaluru for the next two days.

Bengalore Rain Floods

Rain Floods 300 Houses

According to the BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad, They never expected such a heavy rain which the city is currently going through. The rain is on continuous mode from the past two weeks causing huge damage to the city. On Friday evening, at least 300 houses were flooded by the rain. In addition to it, the heavy rain renders moreover tens of hundreds homeless. As per the reports, 500 vehicles including 100+ cars were flooded away by the pace of the rain in South Banglore.

Before the updates of South Banglore, the rain havoc already lashed severely in the region of Gurudatta. Layout and Dattatreya Nagar along with Pramod Layout in RR Nagar are the places where stormwater drains breached 4 pm, on Friday. Previously, it was alarmed by the Central water commission that the Bhima river has been in spate to overflow since October 14 due to heavy rain in the region. Recently, reports mentioned that Bheemanakatte lake in RR Nagar was gone overflowed leading to floods of 20 houses in the neighborhood.

IMD issues Yellow Alert

Investigating the rainfall in the city and on the advice of the weather experts and the team, The India Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for Bengaluru for the next two days at least to alarm the population. The Yellow Alert meant for rainfall anywhere between 64 mm to 115mm rain. As per the Met officials, A yellow alert has been issued for the city to alert the natives for the heavy rain following the scenario from the past few days.

According to the statement proposed by the weatherman, moreover, 15 localities across the city have been received more than 50mm of rainfall. The topmost regions lited out are Kengeri and RR Nagar struggling with the heavy rainfall of 103mm and 102mm respectively.

All the experts and the officials are mentioning that they were never have gone through such a terrific rainfall in the city which the city is currently struggling with. The water level is rising in a speedy manner flowing on the road and then started entering my shops and the residential areas.

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Banglore is in danger

The entire Banglore city is facing the danger of heavy rainfall flooding houses, vehicles, shops, and leading damage to the life of the natives. One of the residents of the Hosakerehalli stated its story that water started rising in the evening hours and suddenly gushed inside our house. He and his family tried to resist the inflow of water in their home by locking the doors but water entered inside the house. Another resident saved the family. Another resident of Bangalore, Murugan, told that all the vehicles that were parked outside were eventually started submerged in the rainwater and started to flood away. The whole scene was so fearful.


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