Asus RT-AX56U

Asus RT-AX56U Youth Edition Gaming Router launched in Featured With Wi-Fi 6, Including the discount

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Yesterday on 29th October 2020, Asus presented a surprise launching its very first white Wi-Fi 6 gaming router. Eventually, the RT-AX56U was introduced on the website of yesterday. However, the brand is going to provide a special discount on the first sale price of its device. Including the discount, the newest device, RT-AX56U, retails for 389 Yuan (~ 58 US Dollars).

Asus RT-AX56U

RT-AX56U Youth Gaming Router In White

The newly launched RT-AX56U Youth gaming router comes in a Broadcom quad-core 1.5GHz processor that has the support for the connection of Wi-Fi 6. Additionally, the device has been provided for a warranty of 3 years. If we look for the design of the device, we find it quite a good console. Asus RT-AX56U Youth Gaming Router is completely designed with a white color scheme presenting a minimalistic but quite angular design. Apart from it, the device breaks the white full-body theme through its yellow-colored Asus branding.

RT-AX56U Gaming Router Connections

The router has been featured a 1.5GHz quad-core processor from Broadcom and in addition, there is a Wi-Fi 6 chip through which the gaming router can attain a maximum speed of 9.6Gbps theoretically. However, possessing such a high speed, it can run with lower latency having wider overall coverage. The Asus Gaming Router has manufactured to support OFDMA and MU-MIMO black technology. This Supportive feature for OFDA & MU-MIMO allows the router to be an in-network attachment with multiple Wi-Fis at the same time. Apart from the connection, RT-AX86U proposed a free AiProtection Pro lifetime. It features one of the latest security protocols, WPA 3, along with the Parental Controls.

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Gaming Router With Wi-Fi 6 & Adaptive QoS

The brand new RT-AX56U Gaming Router gets featured with Wi-Fi 6 that provides it with an amazing speed up to 9.6 Gbps. Additional to it, there is an Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) that allows you to run your Wi-Fi networks sharply by prioritizing the networking crowd. It will allow you to prioritize other applications including streaming video along with efficient gaming. Along with all the features, the New gaming router accessed ane the better security to the user. Every device that has a connection with RT-AX86U will let you know everything that is going or happening on the Wi-Fi connection processed by the handy mobile app.


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