Apple Silicon MacBook

Apple Silicon MacBook new update just leaked along with some other Macs powered- After iPhone 12

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Recently, a new update leaked out for the launch of Apple Silicon MacBook. According to the latest updates, Apple Silicon MacBooks along with some other Macs powered by Apple’s ARM-based chips will not be going to organize the launches ahead soon. Eventually, it been postponed after the iPhone 12. Consequently, the report stated out that Apple Silicon MacBook is looking to have its own stage for the launch by the end of this year probably.

Apple Silicon MacBook
Apple Silicon MacBook

Launched Event leaked

The latest update for the launch of the Apple Silicon MacBook came forward from the reliable Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. A previewing story released by Mark Gurman stated the update not openly but hiding the actual notice which was reported on 13 October on the launch of Apple iPhone 12 2020. He mentioned a statement through which we get to know that the Apple Silicon Macs is looking to organize another launch in November.

Apple Silicon-based MacBook

The production of Apple Silicon-based Macs which is powered by Apple’s ARM-based chips working for the company to switch from Intel-based Macs. It was the first time that started in 2006 when the company shifted itself from the processors of PowerPC. This will ultimately result in a dropdown of its price tag from Apple. During the summer’s WWDC 2020event, Apple made out that Apple Silicon was working for the CPUs that will allow for a faster pace, they will have upgraded efficiency in terms of power providing a longer battery life, and it mimics with iPhone and iPad apps.

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It’s after the iPhone 12

The launching of the Apple iPhone 12 gave us the latest updates that are enough to make us clear that Apple is looking to launch its 4 brand new iPhone this fall. The upcoming launching will be going to explore iPhone 12 handsets including the iPhone 12 mini of 5.4 inch, and another is iPhone 12 Pro Max having 6.7 inches. It requires a lot of time to organize such launches and hence, it will be quite good to manage a Space in between launching all these products. During the Apple iPhone 12 occasion, the reliable person from the company, Mark Gurman, noted out that the launch was looking for featuring other Apple products including the over-ear headsets of AirPods Studio partnered with the wireless Airpower charging console additionally. Gurman gave us hints about the launch of the rumored HomePod Mini which will be going to come in the market next week.


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