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Apple MacBook Pro
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Apple is known to bring out the best at all times. A new Mac is in production to run on Apple Silicon. Apple uses the name Silicon for the tailor-designed ARM- accordance chips that will be moving in two years.

The company claims the first ARM to make it before 2021. It may come in the November launch ceremony. ARM Mac may replicate a mini MAC taking the fact of the presence of an Apple Silicon type of Mac Mini is with developers in testing utility. One is to witness consumer-based soon of MAC Mini. Claims are the prime Silicon Mac a new MacBook following 12in MacBook Apple stopped production of. MacBook Air and the 13thin MacBook Pro may get Apple’s version of ARM processing.

Apple MacBook Pro

Release Dates for Apple’s innovation

Apple gives a green flag to the prime ARM/ Silicon Mac to come in 2020. The first Mac to get attention an Apple Silicon processor is 12in MacBook. Nearby Apple will promote the MacBook Air and the 13in MacBook Pro to new features.

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MacBook Pro 16 release dates may go like

  • 12in MacBook – End of 2020
  • 13in MacBook Pro- End of 2020
  • MacMini- End of 2020
  • MacBook Air- End of 2020 or Start of 2021
  • 14in MacBook Pro- Second in a quarter of 2021 or by the third half
  • iMac- Second half of 4 quarters/ third quarter of 2021

A technical enthusiast Jon Prosser forecasts date 17 November 2020. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg on 9 October says Apple will bring Macs for November. He adds first Mac Lappy with Apple’s own processing, with others will be out in November. 16in to come along other launches

In July 2020 Komiya a Twitter user suggests rice of ARM MacBook to fall in the $849 to $799 category. The Inhouse brown processors could save plenty of bucks benefiting customers. When Apple puts up a new product price usually hikes so guesses are the same for this time.

Entry-level Silicon MacBook specs

  • MacBook
  • Apple Silicon
  • A14X Chip
  • RAM 8GB and 16 GB
  • SSD 256 GB, 512 GB along with 1 TB
  • Retina display 12”
  • The battery life of 15-20 hr
  • Facetime HD Camera of 720p
  • USB-C pit
  • 4th generation keyboard butterfly
  • $849 for Usual users, a discount of $50 to students

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