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Another Life season 2 – BEEN CANCELED OR RENEWED BY NETFLIX ? – Release date, Cast, Plot what more we know

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Netflix has a lot of new shows coming in every day but the science fiction series Another Life season 2 that is one of the fan’s favorites. Let’s go through Another life season 1 summary, this will give a better idea about this show. In Season 1 we saw the Discovery of the Artifact and finding out if it was sent by the aliens, the season reveals the existence of an alien race called Achaia. How things change when they attack earth and how the earth is saved.

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Another Life Season 2 Release Date

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Amazon has delayed the release of Another Life season 2. A lot of other shows have been delayed too. The shooting was stopped due to the situation, but the producers have said that they have started working from 28 August 2020 in Vancouver. We can expect by 24 November 2020 everything will be complete by then. We are hoping that season 2 will to release by 2021 at the earliest.

Another Life Season 2 Cast

The leading cast will be coming back for another season and we could get see some more characters too. The list of cast members is below.

• Niko by katiee Sackhoff

• Cas by Elizabeth Faith Ludlow

• Erik by Justin Chatwin

• William by Samuel Anderson

• Herper Glass by Selma Blair

• Ian by Tyler Hoechlin

Another Life Season 2 Plot

Another Life revolves around the journey of Niko’s ship, the Salvare, and other things going on Earth. Niko’s husband, Erik (Justin Chatwin) is given the job to develop a connection with the Artifact, meanwhile taking care of their daughter, Jana (Lina Renna). Things soon went South when the Salvare loses connection with Earth, Niko was unable to contact her family with the series of moving towards a tragedy, all lives were lost in the ship, and the earth was left vulnerable with the approaching attack.

The ending of season 1 shows that journalist Harper Glass (Selma Blair), was brainwashed by the Achaia. Pretending to be friendly and peaceful the Achaia tried to fool the humans. The intentions seem to be very clear that they want to destroy the entire humankind and utilize the earth’s resources.

We can expect that in Another Life season 2 Erik would be brainwashed like Harper Glass, to turn against his wife, Erik would turn into a rival developing a situation that would make Niko fight against her husband. The Achaia is aware that Niko is a danger to them, they would try to stop her by using her husband against her.

Another Life Season 2 Other Details

Another Life is a science fiction drama, created by Aaron Martin and composition by Trevor Morris. No trailer of Another Life season 2 has been released because shooting has recently resumed.


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