Anker wireless charger listed 2nd Gen Echo Buds, Supports wireless charging and noise cancellation

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Amazon, the company which provides its customers with all the latest products. From Apparels to Home Furnishings and Technological Products. Amazon has its all. From being a bookseller to the world’s largest online marketplace. The journey of Amazon has been tremendous. But how did Amazon achieved it? The secret is its user satisfying services and adds on to new technological products in its list. So, Agan Amazon is all set to add a brand new product to its list. What is it? And what are its features and specifications? Let’s have a look!

Echo Buds

2 GEN ECO BUDS: Are they In?

Amazon announced its first wireless earbuds last year, which has been popularized as the Echo Buds. There is active noise cancellation in the Alexa-powered $130 earbuds and a case that proposes wired charging via a MicroUSB port. Now, a counterpart seems to be on the way and wireless charging will also be provided by the makers.

The information comes from the FCC and Wireless Power Consortium listings. They revealed an Anker wireless charger that tells about, the second-gen Echo Buds will be having wireless charging support. The FCC listing is for an Anker wireless charging pad whose official name is PowerWave Pad (2nd Gen with Wireless Charging) for Amazon Echo Buds, as reported by The Verge states.
While going through the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) database, it is found that the wireless charger from Anker was also certified there. A charger rendering that gives us an early look at the final product is even included in the listing. Hence all these listings have finalized the arrival of this spectacular. Now let’s have a look at its features and specifications.


  • The image available on the website shows that the Amazon Echo Buds Anker PowerWave Pad (2nd Gen with wireless charging) is shaped like a round pebble and comes with a matt finish in black.
  • Either can’t give you security but we want to believe that a USB-C port is a port at the rear where the cable goes into the charger.
  • A recess shaped like a pill is on the top of the charger, and it is speculated that the 2nd Gen Echo Buds may have a similar shape.
  • There are a total of 9 LEDs on the charger-four are placed next to a “BUDS” inscription, another set of four LEDs are next to a “CASE” inscription, and the last is next to a “PHONE” inscription.
  • We can say that the wireless charger can indicate not only the case’s battery level but also the buds when charging, which is why “BUDS” and “CASE” LEDs are labeled.
  • When you place a phone on the charger, the LED naming on the  “PHONE” should brighten up.
More than a year ago, the original Echo Buds were launched and the timing of these listings may be a hint that a new model is not far away. Let’s wait and watch how are these earbuds going to do in the market.



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