Amber Alert by Merced Police – Found Suspected Stolen Car with 3-Year-old Baby Inside

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The Merced Police Department found the stolen car with the 3-year-old baby inside they were searching for on Monday. According to Merced Police, the baby is safe and has been reported to her family. Eventually, the Merced police were in search of a suspected car Monday stolen with a 3-year-old child inside. Know the entire details over the story behind it.

Merced Police Found Suspected Stolen Car with 3-Year-old Baby Inside; Know The Whole Story

Car Stolen with 3-Year-Old inside

Yesterday the Merced Police Department was searching for a stolen car having a baby inside. As per the authorities, the mother left her 3-year-old girl child, Jessie Sanchez, in her car at around 6:47 p.m. Surprisingly, she left the car with the motor running at the 400 block of W. 27th Street. The mother went inside to get her purse, but on return, she did not found her car, not even her child. Afterward, the Merced Police Department was searching for that suspected stolen car on Monday with a young girl child inside. According to the reports, the car was taken away at approximately 6:45 p.m. from the 400 block of W. 27th Street itself.

Merced Police searching Stolen Car

Yesterday, Merced Police was searching for a stolen car having the child inside it. The mother of the baby reported and mentioned for the 2002 Silver Toyota Corolla (CA license 4VMS942). Immediately after the reporting, the Merced Police Department did a considerable neighborhood and frequently issued an Amber Alert. CHP received a call from a person who might saw the Amber Alert. The caller mentioned that they saw the car near the Chevron in Chowchilla. CHP approached the Chowchilla Police Department and managed to locate the car with the child inside. According to the police, the child found alone in the car and was safe. CHP informed the family and dropped the little girl at the family.

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The child safely reached to family

The 3-year-old girl child that was stolen with the car found harmless in the car itself. The Police department safely managed to drop the child at her family. The child is safe and at her home now with her family. This was the whole picture behind the stolen car.


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