Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
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i7book, Alldocube intriguing it sounds, is prepping for a compact laptop. The body to have aluminum along with a minimal touch design. The Core i7-6600U processor is a unique one.

AlldoCube sells so many ranges of hardware with the tablet Alldocube X. The recent laptop has us curios, not for reasons you are thinking. The i7Book has an aluminum cover, 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and a display of 14.1 inch IPS.

The 1080p panel rumors of 90% ratio of screen to body with matte touch. The word on brightness is not out. Another option is 256 GB SSD, although a phlegmatic SATA III one.

Alldocube has a weird processor pick somehow. The company chooses Corei7- 6600U, a Skylake processor out five years before by Intel. The 15W processor has two cores, helping Hyper-Threading to capture 3.4GHz.


The Standing of i7book: Alldocube

As we are aware the old Core i7-6600U has no standing in a race with the Core i7-10510U or the Core i7-8550U. The i7boook has enough room for I/O including three USB 3.0 Type-A ports and a USB C plug. The price is something I took a moment to re-read and so would you.

The high cost of US $499.99 too much coming to Core i7-6600U sponsored machine. Reading all if you are willing to buy the Alldocube i7book go-ahead to procure from Banggood.
Selection of ports has DC power pit, Type C hole, HDMI connecting pit, A USB 3.0. Along with an SD card reader, another USB 3.0 with an audio connector of 3.5mm type.

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ALLDOCUBE’s company has certain claims in its name on the official site. The statements include calling it a popular tablet PC banner liked by businessmen and young people. With another statement of specificity in the portability of office and mobile entertainment. What is a shocking surprise is that in 2019 many tech writers have posted ALLDOCUBE’s name in one of the best tablets along with calling it budget-friendly.

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