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Aalyah Kisses Buddy Murphy in WWE SmackDown, After Rey and Dominik Mysterio Brawl

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Aaliyah Mysterio and Buddy Murphy have shown love. She kissed him and has shown love towards him. They both walked out of the ring. In the ring, the former cruise weighs champion apologized to Rey and Dominik Mysterio for his actions. But neither of them responded. Later Seth Rollins walked out of the ring. For kissing the couple was triggered by WWE on Friday night. They were even teased. Later it was found that Rollins was brainwashing Aaliyah. He was telling her that her father was controlling her. This time the Mysterio family has enough and came out rushing and ambushed their long-time nemesis.

WWE SmackDown

Confession of love

Rollins seems to manage things with Dominik. Murphy has pulled Dominik off and later he went towards his former leader. In all this matter her brother and father later went out of the ring. They had even asked her to come with them. But Aalyah did not listen and she confessed her love to Murphy. She even kissed him. And Rollins looked there and just laughed. This gave a shock to everyone the WWE viewers and also their family members. Aalyah was just asking her brother and father to come in the ring because Murphy wanted to apologize to them. But they moved away from the ring.

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No forgiveness

Rollins came and asked Murphy that Rey and Dominik were never going to forgive him. Although, Murphy tried a lot. He pledged them to come in the ring. Even Aalyah was standing beside him and giving good vibes. She was saying it’s okay. Rollins said that they both never going to accept what is going between you two. Later Aalyah said that don’t worry they don’t accept you but I will. Then she kissed him. This was a magical moment for the couple. She even asked if he wants to marry her. They both proved the true meaning of love. They both stood each other in their bad times. Even Aalyah said that she does not care what his last name is. She just loves him. And the brave move to protect her love is a moment for everyone. They proved their love.


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