Xbox Has launched their New Anime Girl Mascot

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Xbox has launched their very own latest mascot, an animated Japanese anime girl, at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Previously, Xbox has notably strived to enter the Japanese customer technology market because of rigid competitiveness from Japan-based Sony and Nintendo and lack of a supportive user base. Identifying that fragility, the company determined to aim for a more charming method by attempting to request Japanese customers with a more regional approach, though it’s not clear if it will be successful.

Xbox’s Strategy To Entice The Japanese Market

With Xbox console costs growing in numbers, Microsoft has identified itself in a rough spot. Being censured for its excessive charges, it has taken the plunge to entice the Japanese market by reducing the Xbox Series S’s price in Japan. Sony and Nintendo control the Japanese market with their local prices and unwavering bond to Japanese broadcasts and the public. Now, Xbox is bringing forward all the stops to outmatch its competitors at their own game.


The Mascot Is All Decked Up

In the latest tweet from Xbox JP, the console creators unveiled its brand new anime-inspired Tokyo Game Show mascot, a crowd-pleasing and impactful marketing tool in Japanese and other East Asian markets. This unnamed Xbox girl is adorned with a cutting-edge outfit displaying Xbox logos and Series X/S iconography. She is even gripping an Xbox Series S in one hand and a controller in the other. The mascot only projected on the Japanese Xbox justifies TGS 2020, indicating to this being a very directed, region-minded approach to a Japanese audience. The mascot is now flagged as the Twitter account’s header.


Animated Mascot Could Benefit Xbox

This appeal to Japanese followers could turn out to be beneficial, with the Xbox Series X/S having sold out in a flash in Japan. Since anime is still more accepted in Japan than in the West, Microsoft could bring its new concept one notch up by abiding to use anime-inspired broadcasts in the country. Animated advertisements using this new Xbox mascot could be a great appealing aspect in Japanese media since it is unconventional for Western companies to so fully accept Japanese pop culture and media trends when trading there. While this may not eventually confirm essentially, with Xbox having showcased its intention and capability to gain gigantic publishers like ZeniMax Media, it still seems worth enquiring again. Appealing Japan when its console market is swiftly thriving is an intelligent action by Microsoft. This gives them the hope to market their product to an extended international audience while there’s still got space for further expansion.

Xbox Aims To Anchor Deep In Japan’s Console Market

In the distant future, if Microsoft can eventually anchor its position in the console market in Japan, it could finally harvest results. It may even result in success in China when or if the friction between the Japanese gaming industry and the Chinese government starts to reduce, a profitable prospect of which the Xbox brand is supposedly all too aware.


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