Walmart may have accidentally revealed Google's next Smart Speaker

Walmart might’ve given a sly peek at an unshared Google smart speaker

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Google yet not discloses any update for upcoming Smart Speakers but accidentally, Walmart might’ve given a sly peek at an unshared smart speaker from the bowl of Google. The launching smart speaker from Google is still a surprise to be disclosed in near future. A Twitter user posted a picture Thursday which exhibits a Nest Audio device, which seems to be similar to an official teaser for Google’s succeeding smart speaker. Accordingly, customers came into action after that tweeted reveal of the speaker device.

Tweet goes viral

The tweet which revealed the unreleased launch of the upcoming Smart Speaker went viral soon after posting. Marcos Fraust posted an image of an audio device and mentioning that it looks like the Walmart bounced the gun on an unrevealed speaker from Google.

Since it launches March 27, Auctioneers may still have appliances from the streak. Yet the company did not babble that readiness at the time of this tweeted post. Retailers started to mail and comment on the post and approached Google for such info but Google didn’t immediately respond to any email.

Walmart may have accidentally revealed Google's next Smart Speaker

Google’s Launch Night In

Google is now looking forward to exposing its new Nest-branded smart speaker at the event of “Launch Night In” on Wednesday. Launching smart speakers will take place along with other products counting the Pixel 5 phone and also a new Chromecast which was also seemingly on sale early at Walmart itself. As the launching of smart speakers is still in line up to reveal but for now, we have only brand new images of that device in our view. In case, if the picture isn’t of real version then the misshapen device could simply be a prototype that has yet to be approached for the production.

Images from Reddit Users

Reddit user throwGNestAudio shared some images of a Google Nest Audio which was purchased for $100 from Walmart. The user mentioned that noting the device’s audio quality blasts the authentic Google home out of the water by a very broad margin. One of the Reddit users Jsterninja also shared a video disclosing that what kind of appearance a new device will have. Another user fuzztub07 shared a few pictures and a short video clip of them wreathing through the Chromecast interface. They also noted the device cost approx $50.


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