U.S. Air Force gets into gaming with 'Command Clash' competetion

The U.S. Air Force announced on Wednesday, ‘ a six-part esports competition “Command Clash”

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The U.S. Air Force announced on Wednesday that ‘ a six-part esports competition Command Clash is going to begin this weekend. Significantly, it will be going to organized between 29 service members at multiple bases. This weekly competition involves the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Consequently, it will be live-aired on the Twitch channel. It will be organized among the different bases of the army and in the final, one base will be declared the champion.

Gaming- a retention tool

The weekly competition seemed like an effort by the Air Force to use gaming as an overshoot and retention tool. It comes in existence after an internal survey that disclosed the surprising popularity of gaming among Air Force personnel as an avocation. At the same time, The U.S. Army is zealous about gaming. For the U.S. Air Force, it is none less than recruitment and burning opportunity. Though, the Army’s program for gaming with ‘Command Clash’ was stalled by online spammers discussing the war crimes, and also an endeavor by Congress to end the airing efforts.

U.S. Air Force gets into gaming with 'Command Clash' competetion

Entertainment for Airmen

Richard Cooper who is a civilian spokesman opened his thoughts over the event of ‘Command Clash’ that this is the future. According to him, Gaming and e-Sports are not the events that going away anytime soon. The U.S. Air Force thoroughly having their eyes over the potential of what this can be. While each service or branch has its own targets and we can say purposes. We together decided to cornerstone our whole program gaming on entertaining our Airmen and providing a golden opportunity for them to get connected. So, for the U.S. Army, this is not only recruitment but a kind of entertainment for Airmen. Disparate with the Army, the Air Force does not have big recruiting goals with esports as a core component. They are also not in a rush to mold gaming into a high-profile recreation or sport.

Gaming Competitors

Going for the series of ‘Command Clash’ The Air force had been partnered with Viper Gaming, Atomic Infotech, Convoke, and Athletes Brand TV. Competitors will be from Nellis Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan AirForce Base, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, and also from the Joint Base Langley-Eustis. In addition, the series will also be going to feature celebrities such as NFL free agent Clay Matthews and former NFL running back Ahman Green.


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