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Teslagrad 2 : all set to Launch , Release soon

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A surprising announcement has come out from the Rain games that Teslagrad 2 is coming in the line up with a sequel of Teslagrad (2013). The Released date is still a matter of surprise ahead as not declared yet, but Rain Games has announced for the sequel. Consequently, the press release disclosed the updates regarding Teslagrad 2 and mentioned that Teslagrad 2 will go a level high than its previous one. Additionally, the press declared that it will be going to introduce some new characters to the sequel game different from that of the original version.

Magnetic Physics-based game

Teslagrad 2 is going to be a different kind of game that will exclusively an exploration-based Metroidvania game. The game will completely be based on the principle and mechanics of magnetic physics which differentiate it from its original version of the game. Additionally, this new sequel is set in the location of Wyrmheim which in turn inspired by Norway. Designing of the game is founded by Viking Carvings and by Nordic runes going but in terms of its visuality, it will be the same as that the previous Teslagrad having the same hand-made art style.

Nostalgic the Teslagrad

We can consider the Teslagrad as a PlayStation accompanied by the game. It’s features of gravity-defying magnetic power-ups and the way to use them to hang out. Along with this it also provides a feeling of freedom for doing movements. The unique hand-drawn style of the characters and melancholic atmosphere gave a different environment to the game. As per the CEO of Rain Games, Peter Meldahl, the game of Teslagrad reminds him of the memories of back six years when they were founding that game in the series of the Rain Games. He continued that he layby the best to best ideas from past years and then came with to explore them with Teslagrad 2.

Release Dates & Platforms?

The dates and releasing platforms not disclosed yet but as per the statements of the press and CEO, it will appear on every platform available. CEO Peter Meldahl said that as per his expectations all are in consideration. Peter Maldahl said that he could not assure everyone of the dates as his team is still working. But he affirmed that the dates will be released soon.


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