Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
Tesla new 'Battery Day' , Elon Musk Plans to launch $25,000 Electric Car
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Technology is upgrading day by day. Our life is advancing. Basically, every day something new and innovative is inventing. Moreover, we are surrounded by gadgets. Mobile phones, laptops, cars are used daily. Every year a new upgraded version comes out. It’s good. Currently, Tesla organized a “Battery Day” that lead to an announcement of $25,000 electric car. Elon Musk, himself was doing the presentation. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s read out further.

Tesla Battery Day

On Tuesday afternoon, Tesla was organizing the Battery Day event. The event was conducted differently. Reportedly, all the investors were sitting in their Tesla from a makeshift stage. They were sitting in the parking lot of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. None other than, Elon Musk greeted them. Reportedly, the company is making drastic changes. It can halve the cost of per kWh of building an electric vehicle battery cell. Rapidly, these changes will help Tesla make a compelling $25,000 electric car. After that, he showed off $140,000~ Model S Plaid and its 200MPH+ top speed.

Tesla upcoming $25,000 car

The tesla new car with a price of $25,000 will be out in three years. Moreover, other than the price, nothing is revealed now. The car’s shape, engine, nothing is out. But it will be clear soon. Tesla will work on this project. Slowly the details about this car will be out. Isn’t it exciting? This car will be a cheaper Tesla car. This car will have the capability of driving fully autonomously.

Tesla new 'Battery Day' , Elon Musk Plans to launch $25,000 Electric Car


Tesla battery

Accordingly, the new cell measure is 46 mm by 80 mm. That’s why this is called, the 4680. This cell battery is cylindrical. Moreover, the Tesla battery packs cost about $156 per kWh in 2019. This is estimated by analysts, As Reuters notes. Surprisingly, the prices will get lower in the upcoming years. Moreover, it can go down up to $70 or $80 in the next years. That’s a huge drop. And a result of it will help cut off a couple of thousand dollars per vehicle.

Overall, it was a great event. Lots of promises are done by Elon Musk. Moreover, Tesla is a big company. We hope they will give us a Car worth $25,000.

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