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Tekken 7 Season 4 Trailer, Bandai Namco Leaks Roadmap

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Tekken 7 Season 4 Trailer, Bandai Namco Leaks Roadmap : Tekken 7 will kick off a fourth season. However this will enhance the popular fighting game. This is with new movies for the entire roster. Thus it is also for various online and UI adjustments and a Tekken Prowess. Although Bandai Namco has not shared even a single details since Season 4. However the announcement of the trailer dropped in August. But now this seems like publisher may have accidentally spilled the beans. Likely to appears Bandai Namco pushed out a trailer for Tekken 7’s next season a little early. However the video removed from the YouTube channel. Also before being removed as the video in question was published on its Brazilian YouTube channel. Later the fans like Tekken YouTuber Yellow Motion. As they were able to take take screenshots before it was removed to share them on social media.

Bandai Namco pushes Tekken 7 Season 4 trailer early

Tekken 7 Season 4

However from laying out the full roadmap for the season. Though the character bteased at the end of Season’s 4’s announcement trailer us Kunimitsu. This was the biggest reveal from the leaks. Also the fan favourite ninja will be making her long awaited return. She will be returning to the series. This is followed by her last canonical appearance in 1995’s Tekken 2. Kunimitsu will arrive at some point in Q4 2020. Thus it is alongside a new stage called Red Gates. It is followed by a currently unknown new Tekken 7 character. However the stage that will be added in Q2 2021. Kunimitsu is absent from 25 years. This might be closer to November or December.

The trailer also revealed next stage character. However the stage is scheduled for a Q2 2021 release. This will include new moves for every fighter and enhancements for online play. Harada and Tekken producer Michael Murray will make an official announcement. This will happen tonight after the U.S. East Online Challenge matches. This announcement is believed to give more information about the update. However this was not revealed by the trailer. For the time being it is been made private.

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Tekken online challenge

The online tournament consists 10 local tournaments. It is with a double elimination format. This will start from 12-13th September. It will conclude on 5-6 November. There is no prize pool. However the entry of the tournament is absolutely free. The first tournament will start from 12pm CEST/ 11am BST.


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