Sony Xperia Play 2 prototype gives us a glimpse at the canceled gaming phone

Sony Xperia Play 2 prototype, A good news for PUBG lover

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Years later the original Sony Xperia Play was released, an alleged Xperia Play 2 prototype has emerged online, what looks to be the canceled gaming-focused smartphone. The initial games on Android and iOS were restricted to 2D titles and titles like Angry Birds, with hardly any 3D titles to talk about. With time smartphones have enhanced, core elements have been improvised. Additionally, platforms have become feasible gaming devices in their own entitlement; gaming smartphones are now a booming business.

The Display Of The Xperia Play 2

Sony’s purebred gaming must have been an immediate win with the Xperia Play 2. Unfortunately, it was a temporary event. It seems more reasonable in the 2020 release. The canceled device would presumably run Playstation mobile games similar to its antecedent. It also comprises of a sliding gamepad that displayed the signature PS controller design.

Images that have been posted on Reddit of the canceled spin-off to Xperia Play. This comprises of L and R set off buttons also a strange button named “3D.” A 3D display may have been especially attractive to Sony given the library of classic original PlayStation titles that the company had access to for the Xperia Play 2. Buttons like Start and Select have been changed from the corners to the center, and the buttons look like an orange styling, with a stark orange circle around each side. The shoulder buttons also look a bit thinner than those on the original Xperia Play, bending around with the back of the device rather than jutting out with an expanded finger rest area.

Sony Xperia Play 2 prototype, A good news for PUBG lover

Sony Ericsson Brand Name Could Have Been Dropped Given Failed Collab

Naturally, it continues to have the Sony Ericsson brand name, the collaboration has since stopped working. If the Xperia Play 2 had gone on sale it very likely would have dropped that “Ericsson” tag. We are convinced that the launch of the PS Vita in 2012 was the cause this spin-off literally never came into existence. Bearing in mind that the PS Vita was quite fortunate as the original PSP, this is plausible given Sony’s relatively strong position in the mobile area at the time.

Sony Is Significantly Falling Apart In The Mobile Space

Meanwhile, mobile game consoles nearly vanished in supporting hybrid consoles like the Nintendo Switch and other competent mobile gaming devices. Now is definitely not the right time to regenerate the Xperia Play line. Nonetheless, as Sony is significantly falling apart in the mobile zone, it can be assumed that Microsoft will be coming back into the mobile space.


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