Ryzen 7 4800H of 7nm - Powered IdeaPad S540-13, as Fast as 14nm intel i9

Ryzen 7 4800H of 7nm – Powered IdeaPad S540-13, as Fast as 14nm intel i9

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Lenovo is long known for its versatile laptop’s performance. However, this time it makes entry through the brand new IdeaPad. The amazing IdeaPad S540-13 (AMD) makes its way to Lenovo’s French-Language webstore. The trendy arrival of the Ryzen 7 4800H APU has the tech lovers in awe. Adding to the updated features the company makes no changes in the new model.

With Lenovo being the prime choice IdeaPad S540-13 is to win your heart with QHD 16:10 displays. The super sleek and featherweight laptop is upgraded with AMD Renoir set processors. The OEM’s French division tries to get the maximum out of the new Ideapad. They fill in the online stock with SKUs of the technical innovation with the Ryzen 7 4800H APU.

The 13-inch laptop has another variant Ryzen 7 4800U of model number S540-13ARE. However, the unbeatable Ryzen 7 4800H APU has 2.9GHz in contrast to the 1.8 GHz for the 4800U. The updates in the chipset are very likely to downgrade battery backup. However, the company claims the 4800H featuring S540-13 to provide 15 hours of battery life.

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IdeaPad to shake global markets

The IdeaPad also offers the 2500X1600 IPS screen. The screen comes along the Srgb color gamut. At 300 nits the Ideapad gives a brighter display.

The laptops are out with the technical advances of the latest Zen 2 APUs. Lenovo aims for the SMT access AM Ryzen 5 4600U and the AMD Ryzen 7 4800U processors with  6 cores & 12 threads, along with 8 cores and 16 threads for the models. The APUs also are shielded with AMD Radeon Graphics aiding in day-to-day tasks along with gaming needs.

Ryzen 7 4800H of 7nm - Powered IdeaPad S540-13, as Fast as 14nm intel i9

The Ideapad boasts with Wi-fi 5, 11 ax, 2X2 along with Bluetooth 5.0. The laptop smoothly runs over instated Windows 10. The Ideapad enables users to have a 65 watt (W) charging experience. For audio, the 2W speakers come in handy. The price for the innovative product runs at the US $1525 for the model 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD unit. The technical idea is yet to arrive in the globe with US topping.


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