Resident Evil 8 gameplay, SPECS for PS5, may get delayed for Playstation 5

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There have been several rumors flying around about Capcom’s Resident Evil 8. A few months ago, it was revealed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game have been scrapped in early development. Nevertheless, another rumor suggested that the game may be released along with the launch of PS5. Seemingly, many things are happening in the background, which no one is aware of. If the rumors are true, unfortunately, it won’t be a positive update for the gamers. Recently, an insider and “leaker” tweeted a series of updates about Resident Evil 8, and they don’t seem pretty. DuskGolem (aka AestheticGamer) is a trustworthy source as his rumors have proven to be 100% true in the past.

Issues with the PS5 game version

The leaker revealed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game got shelved recently. He said that these versions were scrapped so that the developers could concentrate on the development of the game with regards to next-gen hardware. Unfortunately, one version is facing multiple issues with the new updates. According to him, the PS5 version is experiencing several glitches and is unable to keep up with the new upgrades and improvements. However, these updates work perfectly fine on the Xbox Series X and PC versions of the game. 

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Reportedly, these issues aren’t new. In the early stages of development, Capcom has faced several such problems with PS5. Its hardware has often struggled with true 4K visuals, and that is something they want to achieve with the new title. Due to these setbacks, there is a good chance of the game’s release getting postponed to a further date. Since they have a paid marketing deal with Sony, a staggering release date for PS5 is out of the question.

Is the RE8 chapter for PS4 and Xbox One closed for good?

According to the leaker, Capcom hasn’t scrapped these versions out entirely. They have been gathering opinions and suggestions from their playtesters on the same. DuskGolem further stated that these aren’t baseless rumors. He has tweeted only after receiving actual reports and concerns from his contacts at Capcom. 

Resident Evil 8 gameplay, SPECS  for PS5, may get delayed for Playstation 5

Anyways, these rumors only suggest some changes in the upcoming version of the game or downgrades from the original design goals. Capcom, however, hasn’t commented on any of these rumors yet. Resident Evil 8 is set for a general 2021 release. For further updates of the game, waiting is the only option. 


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