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Realme Narzo 20 Pro Review, Budget Gaming Smartphone, First choice for PUBG love

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Earlier this year Realme launched its Narzo 10 series of smartphones. This gave them the title of good mobile gaming performance. This mobile range is in budget of most of the gamers. However now they have launched a new Narzo 20 Series. Thus is observed to offer subtle upgrades over the older series. This provides the best gaming grade hardware possible by Realme at budget pricing. However the brief of the series is they have 90Hz display. The gaming grade MediaTek Helio G95 chipset performance. However this is a gaming phone. The price of the mobiles is not so high. The gamers could afford it easily. Also we have seen the Realme phones give a satisfactory results to the gamers. Although it’s is gaming phone so camera performance might dissatisfy the users.

Narzo 20 Pro Software and Battery life

Realme Narzo 20 Pro Review

The system settings menu is systematically arranged. The users can easily understand the system. There are various settings available to them. This includes privacy and permission tweaks. This all without much ado. There are options for gesture control. The Narzo 20 Pro’s gestures are accurate. However, battery life of the mobile is fairly impressive. Even with an hour long intensive gaming session everyday the battery lasts. It has 4,500 mAh battery life. This lasts for almost 15 hours without breaking a single sweat. It has 65W super dart charging. This gives 30% charge from zero in eight minutes.

Performance and display

The Helio G95 is practically same as the Helio G90/G90T.  This is combined with 8GB RAM. It has 90Hz display. This display makes this mobile good for gaming. Players can switch between the games easily. They might not find much trouble in switching between the applications. However some games as Call Of Duty showed some hiccups in loading animations. However Narzo 20 Pro is a mid range smartphone. This mobile does not even show extensive load for heavier times. It is also good in editing the video. However overall interface feels a notch smoother as a result. The mobiles offers custom colours to you. The display is very clear. It also gives you fine tune colour temperature. Also various saturation levels of display are available.


The Narzo 20 Pro is pocketable device. The users can easily carry the mobile phone. It has side mounted finger print sensor. There might be some problem due to side finger print sensor. As the users mistakenly unlock the phones sometimes if the touch power button. This performs very fast face unlock.

Overall the mobile is well designed device and is good for gaming.


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