PSVR 2 release date, price, controllers - Face Tracking in Sony PlayStation VR

PSVR 2 release date, price, controllers – Face Tracking in Sony PlayStation VR

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Sony’s PlayStation VR, which was released along with the PS4 last year, was a big hit among the audience. Players are now suspecting a PSVR 2 along with the new PS5. Rumor has it that PSVR 2 will have a brand new design, higher-fidelity visuals, controllers with finger sensors, and much more. With over 5 million units of the PSVR sold, Sony has proved that VR gaming can be successful alongside an already successful console. The second version could challenge the whole VR industry with its new and improved features.

About the PSVR 2

The PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) is Sony’s second-generation VR headset. Sony hasn’t made an official announcement about the same yet. However, it is known that the company is working on the next-generation VR headset, which is designed exclusively for PS5. The original PSVR received a positive response and is well-supported to date. Reportedly, PSVR 2 will have a redesigned headset, new motion controllers and will be completely wireless.

The price is unknown, considering the company hasn’t announced the official release of the product yet. The original PSVR was priced at $400, which was almost half the price of its competition. However, the prices for VR gadgets have reduced to a great extent. Thus, PSVR 2 will likely be around $400.

PSVR 2 release date, price, controllers - Face Tracking in Sony PlayStation VR

Eye Tracking and Face Tracking

The new PSVR 2 will possibly include the eye-tracking and face tracking features as they are the future of the industry. Eye-tracking will enhance the graphics only in the spot that is visible to your eye. This feature will improve your overall gaming experience by 60%. Everything in your peripheral vision will blur out as the eye automatically lowers the focus in those segments.  

Face Tracking will be a revolutionary feature in the VR industry. Nowadays, body language and facial expressions have become crucial in understanding how people express themselves. Even though hand gestures and head movements can somewhat replicate the body language, facial expressions are still missing. Some of the upcoming platforms will present your actual human face over an avatar, and there wouldn’t be much difference!

Will PS5 support PSVR?

Absolutely! PSVR will not go waste after PS5 is released. Moreover, it will have enhanced gameplay with better graphics. Further, PS5 will also support PS4 titles as it is designed for full backward compatibility. Sony has also assured that the owners of the original PSVR will not have to replace any accessories.

Additionally, PS5 will work with the PlayStation Eye Camera, which tracks the motion of the headset and controllers. It will require an adaptor that Sony has decided to provide for free. But, only the owners who already own the PSVR can avail of this offer. The company will release more information on the same close to the release of PS5.


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