NBC streaming app Peacock on Roku-Everything to know about

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Peacock is a Universal streaming application. Thus it is owned by NBC Universal. There are various free movies and TV shows stream on this. The person who pay for the app they will get some new movies and TV shows. Thus offers thousands of shows and TV series to the users. Along with this hours of free programing. Peacock gives seven days free trial for its premium tiers. However for the Google users some extended free period. Like if you sign up through Google platform like Android you can avail that extended time. Now this Peacock application is available on Roku devices as well. Thus it is after more than two month absence. This absence is from one of the mist streaming platforms in the country. In July various new shows and movie are launched. Earlier Amazon’s Fire TV is the only platform with Peacock.

Last big new service

Peacock has various competitors in the market. They as HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and many more. However Peacock us the last big new service going live in the flood of launches from technical and media giants over the last year. Thus app is launched in mid July worldwide. Peacock has a wide range of shows and movies. It has over 20,000 hours of shows, movies, sports, trending highlights and various other things. Just with $4.99 you can avail the full list available on the platform. And if you want ad-free then just $9.99 a month. However this is available at very low cost.

peacock on TvFree-tiers and Premium-tiers

Peacock has free tiers up with many popular shows and movies. Recently its free tier has popular TV shows like Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. As well as movies like Zombie land, E.T., and many more. But the most anticipated title is not available till January. However the premium tier has originals and other items. These include Trolls World Tour, Dream Works Animation’s movie. In addition to this various high profile movies are also available. They are Matrix trilogy, the Jurassic Park trilogy, Shrek and the only Fast and Furious movie.

Among its competitors Peacock is very unusual. As it has a free tier. Peacock has channels of TV. Although they are not live streams of its networks. Though Peacock us growing at a good pace. And by the end of July 10 million accounts have signed up.


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