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PewDiePie is one of the most renowned Youtubers on the Youtube Forum. He has played the Minecraft series while designing various buildings like the IKEA tower featuring a beacon and the largest meatball. PewDiePie’s work has been so phenomenal that Linus Tech Tips crafted a Creeper Inspired PC to share with him.

PewDiePie finishes the series with tentative adieu to horse and dog, Sven. The bye had players wondering. It is right before Nether Update and right post the Bees Update implying PewDiePie had a failing mission on the discovery of New Nether.

PewDiePie initiated to check the game again and in an attempt to savor his world all again. He makes a revelation that the account was under cyber threat while he wasn’t active. The hacker did some bizarre changes to the account. The modifications inclusive of creating a photo of his face the skin of a new character. The hacked also altered the account’s name.

Minecraft Skins- Popular Mods Every Minecraft Fans, Pewdipie Got Hacked

PewDiePie’s misery explained

PewDiePie is baffled as he states “What is this?”. Following what is that. And then comprehending something has happened to his face. As the YouTuber takes a magnified look while removing armor he is shocked to see the result. The skin reveals how the skin is a ditto of his real face.

Addressing the situation he says Sven don’t look at me. “How did this happen”. Confirming his account was attacked. The Youtuber also says though skin change is not rare, the account was actually invaded as his Minecraft name saw alterations.

As the hacker modified PewDiePie’s name he has to choose a new within 27 days. He also mentions how the attacker did everything but changes his password. As a matter of his odd luck, PewDiePie’s Minecraft account is present, which was at a threat to deletion. However, now that password isn’t changed PewDiePie can restore settings back as he likes.

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The best Minecraft Mods

Police officer– One of the liked skins in Minecraft allowing players to do anything they want. They can roam around and can break the law.

Thanos– The loved Supervillain from Marvel has found his place in Minecraft. He is quite likable with the infinity gauntlet and Infinity Stones.

Hulk– Hulk with his enormous power goes around throwing and making a mess of things. The pick for you if you like destruction.

Iron Man – Most Marvel fans love Iron Man. He is just awesome with his strength and selflessness saving the world.

Captain Jack Sparrow– The popular comic is good for treasure discovery and to experience worthy adventures.

Dino Girl – A cute little girl in green attire. The girl is the most liked choice between female players.

Thor– Famous for his hammer he is incredible. The attire is so intricate and a must-try mod skin.

Psy– The Gangnam style fame musician gives an enjoyable time dancing his way out.


Kuvalaya Jain

She believes that the world is an awesome place and we’re here to enjoy it! She’s currently the youngest member of the team. You can contact him at [email protected]

By Kuvalaya Jain

She believes that the world is an awesome place and we’re here to enjoy it! She’s currently the youngest member of the team. You can contact him at [email protected]

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