Blizzard Cofounder Mike Morhaime Launches New Gaming Endeavor Dreamhaven

Mike Morhaime Launches New Gaming Brand Dreamhaven, Co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard Entertainment’s Cofounder Mike Morhaime launches a brand new game company Dreamhaven. Dreamhaven inaugurates two new game studios – Moonshot and Secret door. Mike to be the CEO of Dreamhaven, with Amy heading operations. The Irvine, California based company makes it clear how the husband-wife duo is unstoppable even after leaving Blizzard in 2018.

In an interview, the couple explains the fundings of the venture’s initiation is theirs as it is important to control the destiny of the company. After 27 years of making BLIZZARD a dream come true Morhaime left at the end of 2018. The Blizzard division of Activision Blizzard constitutes of more than 4000 employees as one of the biggest game industries known to mankind.

The family took a vacation in Germany with their daughter. Later on, while planning what to do next they come across Jason Chayes. Jason Chayes is the former Hearthstone executive producer, a group of ex-Blizzard individuals creating a venture. Jason and Morhaime are working on ‘something really special’.

Blizzard Cofounder Mike Morhaime Launches New Gaming Endeavor Dreamhaven

Dreamhaven’s dream projects – Moonshot and Secret door

Dreamhaven has 27 employees in all three setups, and more staff hiring is on the way. The artwork includes both fantasy and science fiction, but genres are not yet revealed. Morhaime assures they’re trying to establish a haven for creators where the environment is development-friendly, values product, and player experience. Dreamhaven is working on the imagery of bringing escape from reality. While also approaching business and game design both sustainably and emitting positive results.

Morhaime also states that employees can gain the best of both worlds with an entrepreneurial spirit, stability, and resources to create games they are passionate about. Moonshot’s leadership team consists of Jason Chayes, Dustin Browder, and Ben Thompson. Chayes has a lot of respect for Mike as a leader him being value-driven and courageous to put action to his convictions. The team is focusing on keeping numbers to a room’s fill while growing better than Secret Door.

Secret Door the second game studio benefits from the leadership of Chris Sigaty, Alan Diabri, and Eric Dodds. Sigarty is fondly familiar with Mike’s values. He has worked closely on games like Starcraft 2- Wings of Liberty and is an ex- Blizzard employee like everyone else.


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