Microsoft warning - might not get preorder Xbox Series X on launch day

Xbox app by Microsoft, Launch soon, gamers can stream Xbox One games on iPhone

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Microsoft is going to launch a surprisingly new Xbox app update for its iPhone users. The iOS update includes the faculty to transmit or stream Xbox One games to an iOS device. The upcoming Xbox App will be launched at the App Store shortly. The update will highlight an out of the way remote play accent. Letting the Xbox Console holders enjoy the privilege to stream their games to an iPhone. The app is currently available in beta version.

Xbox Remote Play Feature Will Be Slightly Distinctive From That Of xCloud

The Microsoft Xbox application’s remote play accent is slightly distinctive from that of its counterpart xCloud service. While the remote play links directly to Xbox Console, the xCloud transmits games from the server itself.
The Microsoft Xbox application’s remote play accent is a bit similar to that of the Sony PS4 Remote Play that is obtainable to both iOS and Android users.

The Upcoming iOs Update Will Be Compact Of Many New Features

The upcoming update of the Xbox iPhone version will have the same design as the Xbox app currently available on Android. Though, the upcoming iOs update will be compact of many new features. The update will allow the owners the liberty to choose the medium of connectivity to use their Xbox console. This varies from LTE, Wi-Fi to even 5g.

Moreover, the app gains control over the player’s domestic Xbox, allowing the player to move freely and remotely access the console even outside of their home. There won’t be any sound or light as the Xbox starts up or disconnects when controlled remotely. Though, it will revert back to standby after a short time of inactivity.

Furthermore, the users will be able to download or share game clips and screenshot snapped on their Xbox Series X / S console. Last but not the least, the power to handle console space and remove games have been vested to the hands of the users.

xCloud Remains In The Same Position

In spite of Microsoft’s upcoming update for the Xbox app, xCloud remains in the same position. Recently, Apple expanded a reconciliatory service such as Stadia and xCloud. Though it comprises a big twist. This signifies that Microsoft would have to utilize Apple’s streaming technology to separately upload millions of games as individual apps. This booby manipulating rules though hasn’t amused Microsoft.

The launch date of the remote play update Microsoft Xbox has not been declared yet. The TestFlight team is testing Xbox app at the moment.


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