Microsoft warning – might not get preorder Xbox Series X on launch day

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Last week, Amazon notify its customers who had pre-ordered the PS5 that they might not actually get their solaces on the day of launch. Now Microsoft has started to send emails to the customers who’ve preordered its upcoming Xbox Series X. Accordingly, Microsoft started to warn buyers on Friday that the gaming console may not come up by launch day. Preorders of the Xbox Series X are already sold out.

Mail from the Microsoft

Currently, preorder for Xbox Series X is unavailable and hence Microsoft has been sent emails to update its customers for the preorders. The mail which has been sent to the customers is mentioned below,

“We’re updating you about your order of Xbox Series X to let you know in advance that you may not receive this item on the day of release due to its high demand,” Microsoft’s email said. “We are making every effort with the supplier to procure more inventory. We will provide additional updates once more information becomes available.”

Microsoft warning - might not get preorder Xbox Series X on launch day

Microsoft’s Preorder inventory Unmatched

Customers have been waiting for a year to access the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and now both the Xbox Series sold out within a few hours on the start of the preorder day, September 22 due to its affordable price. Though retailers found it to go for Sony’s PS5 which is also set to launch on September 12 and its orders went sold out within a few minutes of its preorder launch but the Microsoft’s preorder checklist still remained unmatch for its high demand. According to the official statements, the $500 console will be going to ship on Nov. 10 alongside the lower-priced $300 Xbox Series S. 

Preorder Currently Unavailable

The preorder page for the Xbox Series X is already showing “currently unavailable“. If you had missed the preorder for  Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S, it appears that preorders are primarily out of the sale. The official Xbox Twitter updates its customers and informed that customers can expect more solaces to be in access on November 10. So while there is still enough to look ahead for the launch. For upcoming updates over orders, you might need to wait until its launch on Nov. 10 to receive your order for an Xbox Series X if you had missed that moment to preorder one on September 22.


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