Microsoft buys ZeniMax, Amazon Luna, Spidey for PS5

Microsoft buys ZeniMax, Amazon Luna, Spidey for PS5

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Microsoft has purchased ZeniMax Media. According to the news they are also about to buy Amazon Luna and Spidey for PlayStation 5. This is positive news for the future of gaming. This indicates that Microsoft has almost all the RPGs now. However, this is also great news for gamers. This might be much better than Google Stadia. This is sigan that Windows will die killing. Microsoft just wants to remove Vulkan from the market. For instance, Microsoft is using various tricks. They want to pull Vulkan out at all costs and at any price. However, it has started taking steps towards a better future. Although Google Stadia has more reach in the market to the consumer. But Microsoft is trying its best.

Boomshell on the gaming industry

Due to the purchase of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft. This has created a bombshell on the gaming industry. Microsoft has purchased it for $7.5 billion dollars. This gives Microsoft ownership. This ownership is in the context of industry-leading IP. It includes DOOM, Quake, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Prey, Dishonored, and many more. However, this is time for Microsoft to develop. It has struggled over the years to gain this power. This will surely have a great impact on the gaming industry. Also an indication for other firms that Microsoft is now very serious about its future. For these various IPs into Microsoft’s portfolio have entered. However it the key advantage Nintendo and Sony both had over Microsoft’s Xbox platform.

Microsoft buys ZeniMax, Amazon Luna, Spidey for PS5

Microsoft’s Entertainment

Microsoft has already had Obsidian Entertainment. Also inXile Entertainment. However, it is renowned for critically acclaimed role-playing games. Now ZeniMax is pushing its strengths. It has developed itself and developing a safe future in the industry. However, it is also known for years for its beloved games. Although it is in the RPC space over. There are various hits like Dishonored and Prey. This purchase has brought a wave of rich new single-player worlds to Xbox Game Pass. Its monthly subscription is also not a very high cost. The $10 monthly includes Wasteland, Fable, Avowed, to name a few, and many more. However, some of them are not known yet.


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