LG Wing Smartphone- Out Of The Box Design, Retail Around $945

LG Wing Smartphone- Out Of The Box Design, Retail Around $945

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LG Electronics revealed meticulously about its new smartphone, the LG WingLG launched a smartphone with a crazy design – Geeko LG Explorer Project. The exact keywords of the online conference organized by LG on 14th September. LG a South Korean company, plans to delve into new horizons, attempts to provide new experiences, and bring out new passion to customers. Keeping in mind, the company has declared what rumors are going on since announced: the LG Wing will be the next flagship of the brand, without of the box design that’s really popular on the market.

The Crazy Design Of The New LG Smartphone

Addresser will have over and over to describe what LG is planning to bring into the market, nobody would have ever thought that: regenerating the style of the smartphone. The out of the box design that LG came up with is called Geeko. Due to a smart hydraulic damper system, the smartphone which at first sight looks clichéd is capable of establishing a second screen from the bottom.

As a result of its dual-screen, LG Wing can simultaneously work on two things at the same time.

The primary display of the gadget is 6.8 ″ Full HD OLED, whist the secondary display is 3.9 ″, which also happens to be OLED. The principal benefit of the dual-display is the capacity to operate on two things at the same time. You can watch a video on the primary display whilst looking around a website on the other one.GPS route is also feasible while doing multiple things like looking at your phone or written conversation.

LG Wing Smartphone- Out Of The Box Design, Retail Around $945

Camera Specifications

Another vital benefit is that the speakers repeatedly praised during the presentation is its image shooting.

The LG Wing presents an ultra-high resolution 64 MP rear camera with wide-angle lenses.

The front camera will be telescopic and can also expand up to 32 MP.

The initiators of the smartphone have been smart is in associating the camera and the original design of the Wing.

Fascinating shooting mode, influenced by OSMO stabilizers.

By rolling out LG Wing’s second screen and holding it like a T, you can handle your smartphone and advantages from physical stabilization. Also, you can join the two cameras while shooting videos, this is best for making short films and vlogs.


The LG Wing’s features are described below

  • Cellular Technology- 5G compatible.
  • RAM-8GB RAM along with 128 to 256 ROM memory.
  • Charger- induction or via a USB-C cable.
  • Operating System-Android 10 and all of Google Mobile Services Available.
  • Item weight- approximately 260 grams.
  • Price- yet to release
  • Colors- Blue, Black
  • Camera- Front- 32 MP, Rear- 64 MP


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