Jump Force, DLC character Hiei Trailer, Tokyo Game Show 2020 Presentation

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Bandai Namco revealed the first trailer showcasing the next DLC character for Jump Force. However, all this happened during Tokyo Game Show 2020 Presentation. Also, Yu Yu Hakushl was revealed a couple of weeks ago. This is with a fall release window on PS4. As well as on Xbox One and PC. However, this newly released Nintendo Switch version will get him a few months later. This means in 2021. Hiei is one of the most popular characters of Yu Yu Hakushl manga and anime. Although he is not the main protagonist. This might give an indication about his being a favorite in Jump Force as well. Hiei also comes with Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia. Also Hunter X Hunter’s antagonist Meruem. However, these two heroes may also say them, villains. These two are super popular. They are popular in manga and anime series, Bleach and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Jump Force is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Overview of Jump Force

In Jump Force gamers will see Hiei bust out with a variety of his demon movies. Although his full moveset cannot be predicted yet in Jump Force. There might be a bust with the Black Dragon Hellfire at the end of the video. However Hiei will be the third DLC character to join Character Pass. The second one is Hunter X Hunter’s Meruem who will join sometimes in Fall 2020. And Hiei arrive for the PS4. This counts to three of five characters from the Character Pass #2.


Jump Force might not have same level of depth as something blike Mortal Kombat. However there are various crazy actions. There is sheer spectacle of battles. The game’s has roaster of characters. Each character has its own unique feeling. Jump Force story brings together different Jump worlds and fuses them with real world. This even lets players to play their own Avatar. They could now play alongside iconic characters. They are like Goku, Kenshiro, Ichigo, and Naruto. Each character builds up an ability bar. This is by R2 and pressing a face button. Between missions players can even roam around Umbra Base talking to NPC’s. However those who have interest in anime this will be an interesting game.



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