Google Street View and Google Earth

Google Street View and Google Earth : better than APPLE map ?

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Significantly, the year 2020 is going to turn ten years old for Google Street View technology. Since the launching of Google Street View cars has been traveled more than 10 million kilometers in more than 70 countries. As Google, street view technology enables us to capture the images of our street as well as our surrounding it has positioned a remarkable place in the field of technical maps.  It can provide us the ease to mounted on tricycles, snow machines, boats, dog sleds, and even the backs of camels to allow us to travel across the world’s continents.

Google Street View technology

Google Street View Technology is an important application that has been featured in Google Maps and Google Earth to provides a virtual outlook of many streets globally. Earlier it was introduced in 2007 among the cities in the United States and then over the time period of decades, it has been expanded the plenty of urban cities and also rural areas worldwide. With the help of Street View, streets are depicted as blue lines on Google Maps. Google Street View presents the virtual outlook of a single frame collecting a number of images. Majorly, it is done by car, but with continuous updating of the technology, it also depicted by tricycle, boat, snowmobile, and underwater apparatus, and now also on foot.

Google Street View and Google Earth

How does it work?

With the help of the Google Street View mobile application, a person could be able to explore the Google collections of plenty of images nearby and can also add its own 360-degree photographs. At present, a number of 360-degree cameras are now connected directly to the App that allows it to capture and upload your hypnotic visuals of the world. You can also share Street View images with the help of the URL that able to display the pictures in the browser.

How to use

It’s easy to use such technology of Google Street View on the computers as well as on your mobile. For using this technology in mobile devices you need to download the Google Maps app or the Google Earth app. For the Computers you need to follow some steps mentioned below:

  •  Navigate to that place on the google map
  • Zoom in on the desired
    • Your mouse or touchpad.
    • Shortcut keys.
    • The navigation controls.
  • Just down the navigation controls on the right, there will be a Pegman icon. Drag Pegman to the desired site on the map. Earth will automatically show the street view image.
  •  Click the Building icon popping in the right.


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