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Google Meet New Feature Available: Noise Cancellation, Surely benefit your Meetings

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Google Meet is now working over the new feature for the online meetings and classes that will help to cancel the noise in surrounding. This new feature to filter out the sound will be available Google Meet for Android and IOS. The latest updated feature automatically filters out undesirable noise coming from the surroundings and allows your voice through only. Google’s video conferencing service had already updated this feature of noise cancellation for the desktops in June and is now processing for Androids and IOS.

What’s the announcement?

Google had earlier declared this latest feature of noise cancellation back in April but by that time, it was accessed up to the selected G Suite customers only. The team of Google’s G Suite mentioned in a blog that the AI-powered noise cancellation feature on Google Meet has been started and in processing for Android Devices and IOS and soon it will be introduced in all regions excepted a few ones. As per the announcement, the feature will not be available to other G Suite customers including G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite for Education, and others.

Google Meet
Google Meet

Noise Cancellation Feature

Partnering with the Background blur feature, Google Meet can be able to filter out background noise so it can be possible to call on Google Meet from any location. The noise cancellation will include the sounds of dogs barking, pen-clicking, keyboard typing, door opening & closing, or sounds from a nearby construction site. Google’s feature of cloud-based AI is working to isolate every other voice from your own. But it will not be able to differentiate the voice of TV or other people talking surrounding you from yours and hence will not be able to filter out such voices. However, you will have an option to turn off the non-speech voices such sounds of musical instruments.

Google Meet
Google Meet

Settings of the feature

In the past few months after the uplifted usage of this app due to the global pandemic, Google Meet has been announced many features. Noise cancellation is set off by default on Google Meet and needs to be turned by the user itself before or during a video call. To use this latest feature on Android and iOS you required to follow the simple steps. Just click on the option More –> Settings –>tap on Noise cancellation.


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