The best car-based video game around is now free

Gaming Roundup, Rocket League is free for all users, Players Must Check It Out

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After 5 years of being a paid game, the massive car-oriented video game released the biggest news for the video gamers. Now, the Rocket League is free for all users. The transition with motorheads and video game players is increasing daily. White-collar race car drivers improve their skills digitally before even stepping into race tracks because of the racing simulators such as iRacing. Performers such as T-Pain are plunging into automobiles as well as gaming projects at the same time.

Rocket League is free for all users
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What is Rocket League and what is the Big Deal?

Rocket League is free for all users, straight away it is player base surged over 1 million concurrent users. This is a huge deal for gamers. Worthy of your time and money, the most enjoyable car-oriented game of all time. Basically, it’s soccer, instead of humans the game is played with rocket-powered cars.

The game is quite exciting for a number of reasons, though one of the significant reasons is that they have used physics as no other games have ever implemented. It has set the benchmark for users who tries to learn fast but its quite tough to master.  A lot of people believe that online games and real sports are the same but all I can say that this game is the true form of that concept. This is by far the only video game that will definitely give the feeling of a real sport.

Video Game Players Must Check It Out

If you are not able to go up to the next level then keep practicing soon you will become a better player like any other sports it takes time. There are things like cosmetics but that does unlock upgrades. Like any other sports, there are enhanced cars or items, you just keep practicing and reach the next level. Now that it’s free, gamers who prefer car-oriented video game must check it out.

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Any Other Games Launching This Week

Some brand new impressive racing video games are official in the play this week. Gamers you need to check out Art of Rally, a cool arcade cum rally racing game, you will get the same vibe that you get from Absolute Drift as both are created by the same team. You will discover 50 classic cars and 60 rallies these are all set in the background of Finland, Norway, and Japan. It is available for PC users only.


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