DOTA 2 Championship

DOTA 2 Championship : Crosses $39 million mark as the Highest Esports Prize Pool ever

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As the global pandemic continues to be above our heads, the DOTA 2TI Prize pool makes headlines. At least a sigh of fresh air as DOTA 2 TI Prize pool: The International Battle pass exceeds the $39 million point. DOTA is smashing its very own count of $34.3 million from the previous year’s collection.

Seeing the global situation the international event has to undergo alteration delays. The delay comes out in April. Valve has to yet make clear if the tournament would happen amidst 2020 pandemic tales. The International Battle Pass is the take you don’t wanna miss out on.

The Dota 2 access comes with the Battle Pass, it is the most monetary benefitting offer in the terms of esports. It is certain that the TI10 Prize pool to have onlookers ogling eyes as it will hit the biggest prize pool. Valve vocalizes out on Twitter that Dota developer “Can’t commit” to a new date for either the International 10 or the return of the Dota Pro circuit. DOTA ProCircuit has been playing a key role in decisions for the International.

DOTA 2 Championship

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

As everything is going online these days, it is no surprise the prize pool is majorly from the crowd. Valve puts out statements about the DOTA 2 Battle pass for TI10 to exceed up till the starting week of Online October. With the start of October, one is likely to hear good and the in-trend updates for the Arcana battle between Faceless Void and Spectre.

10 days left to DOTA season highest hopes goes for the prize pool to touch the record-breaking $40 million bench. Valve will give confirmation on specifics along with when and where’s of TI10. The Dota 2 battle pass is for $9.99 or for $29.35 to open 50 more levels.

However, in order to open the way to 100 levels, the cost is $44.99. The passes gift users with internal game rewards and cosmetics for ascension through the level. With players continuing to buy, the pool will continue to have the expansion.


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