Chromebook Overheating issue and CPU Cruising Bug – After an update, all you need to know

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The new Google Chrome OS bug causes Google Play Store to use 100% of the CPU. The devices not only heat up very quickly but also experience operating issues. Applications are running erratically and the battery is drained too quickly because fans are running at high speed trying to cool off a hot device. Users started having problems after updating ChromeOS to 85.0.4183.108 or later versions.

Victims tried to investigate this issue, and they found out that it was caused by Google Play’s “” service, which is needed to download updates from Google Play Store.

Instead of running silently in the background, it is now using 95-100% of the CPU all the time. This problem occurs even if there are no new updates available in the Store. It seems like this issue only affects Acer Chromebooks, Acer Chromebooks ASUS, and Chromebook Flip devices, as there were no reports from consumers of other brands.

Chromebook Overheating issue and CPU Cruising Bug - After an update, all you need to know

Researchers detected adware in Google Play Store

Play Store bugs are not the only issue that Google has to deal with, as adware scams continue,  After the tip of the young girl, researchers discovered adware] and exorbitant prices in Android and iOS smartphone applications. These apps were downloaded 2.4 million times from Google Play Store and App Store together.

Some of the scam apps were showing intrusive ads and hid their icon to prevent from uninstalling them or identifying from where annoying ads are coming from. Others charged $2-$10 and generated a profit of more than $500,000. All apps were promoted by one of three TikTok app users and one user of Instagram.

The young girl saw one of these users promoting the abusive app and decided to report it to the “Be Safe Online” project that educates children on how to be safe on the internet.


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