All You need to know about how you can "CATCH ZAPDOS" in Pokemon Go

Catch “CATCH ZAPDOS” in Pokemon Go : Guide- Strength, Weakness, Counters

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Another Legendary Pokemon is back for Pokemon Go but for a limited time. Zapdos, one of the three Legendary Birds which is earliest and exclusively found in the Power Plants in Pokemon Red and Blue Versions is now going to appear in five-star Raids again until Friday, October 1. Exclusively, Zapdos has made numerous appearances in the game since it has been debuted. This time if you are looking to capture the Electric Flying-type then it’s important to use the right counters. So here are some remarkable tips to know how you can catch Zapdos.

Tips to Catch Zapdos

To depreciate such a powerful Zapdos Pokémon won’t be so easy. In order to catch Zapdos in raid battles in Pokémon Go, it is very cardinal to use Ice and Rock-type moves to counter the legendary bird’s powerful Electric and Flying-type fusion.

Moltres and Articuno, they both have a 4x delicacy toward Rock-type moves but Zapdos only has a 2x infirmity. Similarily, Zapdos has a 2x weakness to Ice, which may come convenient. And as we are familiar that Flying-type Pokémon are weak to Rock, but definitely Electric types are not.

So in order to defeat Zapdos, you need to go with a Ground-type Pokémon that have the knowledge of  Rock-type moves. Another important tip to note is that Ground Pokémon are resistant to Electric attacks but be warned because Zapdos can fly and at that time Ground-type moves may become useless.


Best Counters for Raid

To find out a good counter-attack for Zapdos won’t be so easy. It’s very notable to have the right group of friends to go for this raid and to make assured that everyone is using the best possible counter. According to Pokemon Go Hub and Pokebattler here are some best counter moves listed below:

  • Rock moves – Tyranitar
  • Rock moves- Rhyperior
  • Rock moves- Golem
  • Ice moves- Mamoswine
  • Ice moves- Shadow Mewtwo

These are the best plausible counters in the Pokemon Go game at present because of their high maximum CP. On the other hand, Mega Evolving some Pokémon may also be useful, but as most Mega Evolutions have a weakness to Electric-type moves and this might be an insecure approach for the game.

What should you avoid?

Finally, now you have the idea to opt for the best counter for Zapdos is the Pokémon. Thump it hard with the fusion of Rock-type and Ice-type moves and don’t forget to work together with your friends. Eventually, you’ll gain a golden opportunity to catch this legendary bird. At the same time, you also need to know what should be avoided in the game. Zapdos’s Electric attacks are the most effective against Water and other Flying Pokemon so its Flying moves will tear through Grass, Bug, and Fighting types. So all you need is to avoid using such kinds of Pokemon during the battle against this legendary bird.


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