Balan wonderworld : Main characters, All bosses and co-op mode

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Exclusively, Square Enix has released the latest update and some images for Yuji Naka-led action platformer Balan Wonderworld. Consequently, Square Enix introduced some main characters of the game. Released images disclosed about Isle of Tims, enemies, and bosses, and also local cooperative mode. Here are the complete details of the game.

What is Balan Wonderland

Firstly, you need to know what’s the Balan Wonderworld actually meant for. It is an action platformer-based game that revolves around the wondrous Balan Theatre. In the game, you need to help two heroes adventure an imaginary land of Wonderworld. Wonderland is such a mysterious place where all memories and actual paranoma of the real world mix. You will get to go for 12 different levels that were filled with so many unusual tricks, traps, and enemies. Level by level you accessed with more than 80 special costumes, which will grant you some special abilities.

Balan wonderworld details, main characters, Isle of tims, Enemies and bosses, and co-op mode

Main Characters of Wonderland

Balan Wonderland will be served with some different and special characters in the game. All the characters of the game have their own special and unique powers. The Main characters of the game are listed below one by one:

  • Leo Craig-  a 15-year-old boy who always tries to remain calm and at the same time he is a kind of lone wolf after going into an argument with his best friend.
  • Emma Cole- a 15-year-old girl who fascinates with her smile but behind that happy face, she hides her complaint about people double-faced character of good in front and bad behind.
  • Balan- Guide of Leo and Emma’s and of course yours in the land of WonderWorld.
  • Lance-  a sinister who used to trap the visitors to Wonderworld inside their own hearts by exploring out their own negative thoughts in form of monsters.

World of the Wonderland

BalanWonderland is distributed into many different phases. Have the glance over them:

  • The Isle of Tims- a bright and magnificent area in the wonderworld full of positive vibes and emotions of the real world. This will be the first place where Leo and Emma be going to arrive in Wonderworld. Tims are those creatures who used to explore happiness and joy in this phase of the Wonderland.
  • The 12 Worlds Inside Hearts- This area is completely full of traps, black tricks, enemies, and tough challenges to fight with.
  • Enemies and Bosses- In the 12 Worlds inside hearts are exclusively filled with dangerous and cruel creatures known as Negati. These Negati collects the weakness and negative thoughts of the inhabitants and re-created them as the monsters to stop the heroes from completing their journey to the Wonderland.

Local Co-Op Mode

Basal Wonderworld is full of amazing magics to explore out. Nothing can be the best if we go with our friend and Balan Wonderworld allow us to go with our friend together providing local two-player co-op mode. Interestingly, one player can go with the role of Leo and another friend can go as Emma.


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