Apple has revealed its own Face Mask design, Unbox Therapy has unboxed the official mask

Apple has revealed its Face Mask design, Unbox Therapy has unboxed the official mask

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Apple has unveiled its very own Apple Face Mask. It is designed for retail and for corporate staff members so as to prevent the spread of coronavirus as stores are reopening gradually, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The Face Mask is developed by Apple’s engineering as well as the industrial design team in Cupertino, California. Both teams also create devices like the iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad.

Apple Yet To Release Images Of The Face Mask

 Apparently, the Apple Face Mask consists of three layers to screen particles. The coverings can be cleansed and reutilized for a maximum of 5 times as per Apple. Apple has not yet released the image of the face coverings according to reports. The Apple Face Mask has large coverings for the wearer’s nose and chin” along with adaptable strings. As reported by Bloomberg Apple developed the mask with existing personal-protective-equipment supply chains keeping in mind not to interrupt the already available flow.

Apple has revealed its own Face Mask design, Unbox Therapy has unboxed the official mask

Apple’s Take On Face  Mask  And Clear Mask

As per Apple it has overseen thorough research and evaluated to look for the right materials for creating a filter that would properly screen the air without interrupting the supply of medical personal protective equipment. Over the following weeks, Apple will begin sending its very own Face mask to its employees. Furthermore, the company has presented a model known as the Clear Mask, this is a surgical transparent mask, the first to be approved by the FDA.

This showcases the entire face in such a manner that people disorder or hearing impaired can recognize what the person is trying to say. The Face Mask as well as the Clear Mask is not public use, it is strictly for employees not even for the Apple customer. Although, customers will be provided with a basic surgical mask.

Apple’s Effort To Supply 20 Million Face Shield Throughout The World

Earlier, Apple released a companywide attempt for assembling product designers, engineering, operations, and packaging teams and their suppliers to design, produce, and ship face shields for health care workers. By April 2020,  Apple has distributed more than 20 million face shields throughout the world. Along with this Apple has contributed over 10 million masks for health professionals in the US and Europe.


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