AMD Ryzen 7 5800x released soon a budget Gaming CPU, Beats intel core i9 10900k

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x released soon a budget Gaming CPU, Beats intel core i9 10900k

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AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800X beats intel core i9 10900k. This is been a great benchmark. However, it also shows an impressive performance as compared to intel core i9 10900k. AMD fans excited that this CPU could be a real winner. It is in terms of its price-performance ratio. Though Ryzen might be lower in price than intel core i9. Also, it’s the performance it’s good than another one. But there is one problem that the clock speeds us not detailed for the 5800X. Also, AMD PC has a double system RAM. This shows powerhouse for gaming CPU. However, gaming CPU needs a more fast running processor. Ryzen somewhere is up to the expectations of the gamers.

Comparison between the two rivals

  1. Ryzen 7 5800X hits 167 FPS in the crazy 4k preset. Whereas Intel core i9 10900k only has 136 FPS in the 4K preset.
  2. Ryzen has a 20 percent high performance than Intel core i9.
  3. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X has an 8C/16T processor. Whereas Intel Core i9 10900k is a 10C/20T.
  4. Ryzen has more memory capacity and speed in comparison to Intel core i9 10900k.
  5. Ryzen 7 cost much lower than Intel Core i9 10900k
  6. AMD is game-changing whereas Intel does not give importance to the gaming processor.
  7. Ryzen 7 5800X is an octa-core Whereas Intel core i9 10900k is a ten core part.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x released soon a budget Gaming CPU, Beats intel core i9 10900k

Hardware and Game configuration

Hardware configuration:

  1. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
  2. It has 8 physical cores
  3. It has 16 logical cites
  4. 32687 physical memory

Game configuration:

  1. Version: v2.92.73675.0
  2. API: DirectX 12
  3. It has 3840×2160 Resolution
  4. It is fullscreen
  5. Point light quality is high
  6. Glare quality is high
  7. Shading samples is 16 million
  8. Terrain shading samples is 12 million
  9. Shadow quality is high
  10. Temporal AA duration is 0
  11. THE Temporal AA time slice is 0
  12. Multisample Anti Aliasing is 4
  13. Half resolution Terrain is on


By observing the comparison and the features of AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. It seems that Ryzen is slightly better than the Intel Core i9 10900k. However, Intel core has various rivalries in the market. Although these are not he confirmed specifications. The launch event will take place in October 2020. Thus the Ryzen has set the benchmark for the gaming CPU.


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