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Amazon Luna announce Echo speakers, Fire TV, flying Ring drone-cam, and more

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Amazon Luna surprised users at its Fall Devices. Also the Services event with its new Luna Cloud Gaming service. As well as the expected updates to its Echo, fire TV and Ring product line. However this event will help Amazon in generating some buzz. Thus the annual sale this year will expect to start on October 13. However it usually takes place in July. This is a indication towards putting Alexa everywhere. Inside and outside homes. Also addressing privacy concerns. However it was a big story line in 2019. It is for Ring and Alexa. In a home life, with millions of us curled up for the long haul. Also the connected home concepts. This indicates the Amazon has been developing for years. Also it have become more relevant than ever.

Earning a sustainability

The company’s Echo and Fire TV products will be the first to earn sustainability badges. This will strive to reduce device power consumption. Along with a new low-power mode as well as built-in Alexa power dashboard. There are various new features added to these products. Amazon is also committed to building solar and wind farms. This will further helps in generation of energy. Thus it will matches the consumption of all of its devices. Yesterday there is a lot of controversy about Luna. The company launched a cloud gaming service. However this will be an amazing and interesting moment for gamers. As well as a tough competition for the users.

Luna Controller

This Luna Controller is new cloud gaming service. This controller directly connects with the cloud. However it helps in reducing roundtrip latency by 17 milliseconds to 30 m/s. However in comparison to to a controller connected via Bluetooth to a PC, Mac or Fire TV.

Amazon’s Echo

  • ECHO 4th Gen: The new Echo speaker is designed in spherical shape. However it will arrives on October 22, 2020. This will be adapting acoustics of the room. This is a bridge for Amazon’s Sidewalk network. It also includes neutral network technology. Thus 4th Gen features incorporate formally in the ECHO Plus.
  • ECHO Dot 4th Gen: This is available at $50. However it is designed same as the spherical shape. But the difference is that it a now sports a stylish fabric cover. This is considered a better speaker. Also it has different looks.
  • ECHO Dot Kids Edition: This is also spherical shape. This is specifically designed for kids. It has various kids friendly features. It even includes the voice of Children. This even lets Alexa to read the voice of Children.
  • ECHO Dot with Clock: In this new Echo device a clock is fit inside the speaker.

Other devices

Fire TV stick lite, Fire TV stick 2020, Ring Mailbox Sensor, Ring Always Home Cam, Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6. These are some other devices included.


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