Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite or Xiaomi Mi TV Stick-better device

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite vs Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, Price-SPECS

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There are various hardware choices for customers these days. If you want to deal with electronic items they have thousands of choices. The consumer is always in doubt what to add in cart. So there is a comparison between Amazon Fire TV stick lite and Xiaomi Mi TV stick. However, MI TV stick costs up at 2,799 INR in India. Whereas Fire TV stick is available at 3,999 INR in India. Although both of them have almost the same functions. They both will convert old TV into a smart TV. However, the Amazon Fire TV stick is more popular in comparison to the MI TV stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite or Xiaomi Mi TV Stick-better device


  1. They both have similar designs. They have an HDMI port in the front. Also has a micro USB port at the side. However, it will be difficult to use with 2 HDMI port at the same time. However, Fire TV stick has an HDMI extender but Mi TV Stick does not offer.
  2. Both Firestick and the Mi TV stick has a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60Hz. Also, Firestick has a 4K variant. Whereas Mi TV stick has a 4K variant called Mi Box S 4K. They both are available for $49.
  3. Both of them connects with Bluetooth audio device.
  4. Both the streaming sticks supports Netflix and PrimeTV. It also had Hulu and ESPN+ support. Whereas HBO Max and CBS Peacock is not available.
  5. Both sticks have 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Both can stream 1080p without any hiccups.
  6. There is a little difference in Mi stick global and Indian variant. Indian is clocked at 1.2 GHz whereas globe one is clocked at 2GHz.


  1. The Firestick remote is better than the Mi TV stick. However, they both are identical. But Firestick remote has additional play and pause. As well as skips and mute buttons.
  2. Both sticks are powered by a micro USB port. Mi stick does not support OTG. So Firestick is a better option.
  3. Mi TV stick has Bluetooth 4.2. whereas Firestick has 4.1 Bluetooth. But the Mi stick released in 2020 has Bluetooth 5.0 should have been standard.
  4. Fire TV stick is more compatible with Alexa. The reason is it is an Amazon product. Fire TV stick is more compatible with the Echo device. Whereas Mi has Google Assistant.

However, Mi TV stick is cheaper. Thus it makes more sense to people.


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