Alienware Aurora RTX 3090 Gaming PC Is Now Available, beats Dell RTX 3080

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Dell has RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Alienware desktop PCs on their site right now. However, there is an interesting fact. The RTX 3090 video card is still not available for individual purchase. Whereas the RTX 3080 video card is the one to get for high-powered gamers. The RTX 3090 hits the sweet spot for creative professionals. It is also observed that Alienware has not wasted any time in unveiling it’s new Aurora gaming desktops. This will come custom-engineered graphics card options. It is with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs. The new Aurora and Aurora Ryzen edition desktops include high-end RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 cards. This is not enough. In addition to this a unique cooling and thermal design are available. Thus allows powerful GPUs to run at maximum performance. A person buying them must make a mind about the price. They must not expect these to be cheap.

Superfast screen

Alienware has announced two updated gaming laptops with 360 Hz refresh rates. However, both the new Alienware Area 51m R2 and Alienware m17 R3 come with 1080p screens. These are incredibly fast 360Hz refresh rates. In addition to this 3ms response time. This is considered among the fasted screen. This all means, they both have a super-fast screen you could find on a laptop. However for fast-paced esports and competitive games. This gives real competition to gamers.

Alienware Aurora RTX 3090 Gaming PC Is Now Available, beats Dell RTX 3080

Features of laptop

The Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor boasts a crazy fast 360Hz refresh rate. This completes with the Nividia Reflex Latency Analyser tool. However, it helps pro gamers measure their response times. If you are looking something bigger you may check out the Alienware 38 Gaming Monitor. However, this packs a large 37.5-inch curved display. It also has a crisp quad HD resolution. The new Alienware 27 display is also available. It has something new for gamers. This offers a nice middle ground with a 240Hz refresh rate, quad HD resolution. It also has G-Sync Ultimate support. This is considered among the best gaming laptop for the users. However, the pair supports 10th Gen Intel Core processors and RTX graphics. The gamers must keep an eye on them.


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